About us

Czech endowment MA-MA foundation was founded in 2014 . Reason, why   started this foundation was als the follow of their charity activities from the past and both Founders saw it, that this is what is need. The name of the foundation not coming only from their two first letters of both names of the founders, but also the meaning of word „mama“, which has got the same definition over the all world. In the title we can found one very important message, which is used as the motto of our foundation:

„Helping good things has always the sense““

Help where it is needed, support the education, traditions and appreciate the message of previous generations with the aim to leave heritage for the next successors is the basic idea  the Founders from MA-MA FOUNDATION. We believe, that thanks our collective efforts and visions, with our actual and future partners we can fill the mission of our foundation at the maximum.

  • We help families with children in need,
    dependent children, patients in need,
    veterans and survivors of military conflicts.
  • We support cultural heritage and preservation
    of traditional crafts.
  • Helping has always the sense.
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